Domain Driven Design

Greenfield software projects always start promising, but after some time they often tend to evolve into so called "Big-Ball-of-Muds": complex systems, costly to enhance and maintain, and incapable of quickly adapting to new business requirements. This is often due to a common lack of understanding of the business domain and it's in-proper representation in code. Domain Driven Design is an approach for developers and domain experts to enhance communication and effectively manage the design and construction of maintainable software systems which are better in serving business needs. In this Talk we will discuss the most important concepts and patterns of DDD and will have a look on how these can be applied at real world challenges.

Der Vortrag wird auf deutsch gehalten.

24.01.2019, 19:00, Chaos Computer Club Kaiserslautern


Alexander Arimond arbeitet als Data Scientist und Software-Entwickler bei Sociovestix Labs.

Javaland 2018