Introduction to Reactive Programming with Project Reactor

Reactive programming is a relatively new approach on developing non-blocking, asynchronous apps, that are error tolerant and resilient under load. We have Project Reactor and a few others, implementing Reactive Streams specification to enable asynchronous stream processing in the JVM. In this talk, I introduce the reactive concepts and operations, as well as composing these operations into a working Java application.

Note that this talk will be held in English!

15.5.2018, 19:00, Chaos Computer Club Kaiserslautern

Murat Özkan is a Software Engineer working at TOPdesk. With a focus on backend, he is interested in learning about Distributed and Fault-tolerant systems, with a flavor of functional programming. He also enjoys flying RC planes, though often has problems during landings.
Murat Özkan



Javaland 2018